Sunday, February 1, 2009

cant think straight
things on my mind
just wanted to hear you say things to me

on one hand so simple
and another so hard

i think things are different
but they turn out the same
one day its a journey
and the next im lost

why is it when it seems
that my smile wont fade
i get hooked
then i look
and its all gone again

have you ever had so much you wanted to say that nothing came out.
so much going on in my head. i cant get it all straight. the words are there but not in any particular order... want, need, touch, love, amazing, pull, give, dream, laugh, sadness, confusion....
i just want to put it out there. but i cant quite find the way.

(artwork by starseeker59)


Erica said...

this post says how i used to feel.

then i learned to stop thinking and stop trying to understand.

and that's when it made sense.

J. Leigh Designz said...

Many times....