Monday, February 9, 2009


I just want to crawl over
and curl up
i just want you there
to be by
i just want to let go
of all this
and be
cant i spend a day
a week
a moment
this thing in me
seems to be
and i cant help
but wonder
do you ever feel the same?

(photograph by: yvonnecatterson)


ClemArt Design said...

I do feel the same thats way I eat lots of sweets to contain said beast inside. Lol, although I know this poem is more of a serious more dire love and a need for acceptance from a potential someone or no one I still couldn't resist the chance to mention my love of sweets.

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yvonnecatterson said...

Thanks for using my photo alongside such a loely poem Kelly. ♥

Nemesis_Productions said...

Very lovely.

And fitting, for me at the moment anyway.