Wednesday, July 9, 2014


There is a hill beyond that wall
and theres a girl upon the hill
and though she seems so small
and shes sitting there quite still

She is clinging to a Rock
and holding on so tight
for when a storm comes raging in
It helps her stand her fight

And when the storm is calm 
she sprinkles pebbles where she can 
so more rocks can grow
for those in sinking sand

And shes an open book
who doesnt tell it all
for some pages make her weep
and sometimes make her fall

trapped inside the stories
explanations for her sake
but she tries to move past mountains
tries to step outside the wake

for she has worked so very hard
to not let it tear apart
And prays for sensitivity
with all the scars upon her heart

This took some time
took years in fact
to keep what you consider
an "innocence"

And dont for a moment
pretend she cannot fight
and cannot defend
Shes choosing stronger harder ways
shes choosing calming happy days

Shes choosing to remain soft