Tuesday, December 28, 2010

new guy..

meet my new friend.. 
he has no name yet.
(any suggestions?)
i cant wait to take him out and play with him
hes got a bunch of new tricks 
and whatnot
 i cant wait to learn them and try them out!

Friday, December 17, 2010

home made crayons

so the natives decided to make something for the youngest 
i suggested home made crayons 
they jumped at the idea! hehe

"how do we do it?...will they still color?"
always with the questions my natives..
i told them it was easy and yes they would still color!

i set them down in front of the giant plastic tub that holds our crayons
i said now just start peeling! haha
we used all the broken bits and old crayons
peeled them of their wrappers and filled the molds with them

i turned the oven to about 320*
and we put them in on a baking sheet and watched them melt
took about 10-15 min.
i stirred them up a bit with toothpick
to make sure they were melted through
and to even the colors out a bit

we let them dry and the next morning
popped them out! 
yay gorgeous lovely tree shaped crayons!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

tiny storms

trying to remain wide eyed
while the sands of time blow toward me

try to remain unscathed unhurt
while i dodge the sharp words that are thrown

tried to remain untouched 
after things have grabbed onto me

and here i sit wondering what effect these tiny storms will take on me