Thursday, February 5, 2009

random thought-- fragile (written months ago)

Why is it
Ever so often , so rarely, so sudden
I seem to be made of glass
One small tremor
I shatter

I cant help but wonder
When did the first stone hit
When did it make that small crack
The one unnoticed
The one that didn't concern me

For I saw the crack growing
Tried to patch it
Tried to stop it
As it slid across my surface
As it made its way further

I guess I thought
I was strong enough
To get by with it there
To look beyond it
So small

But now as I focus on it again…
Its grown
How do I fix it…
To late
Another stone
And ive burst to pieces

…………..Now where is that broom?

(photograph by: Jen McCleary)


ClemArt Design said...

I love this. At first I read it as if it were more about love and then by the end I was reading it as more of an inner reflection as things that a person has done. So make me a card out of wait....I can do that!
(the hidden word for today is inkii, lol good old word verification)

esque said...

That is like the best word verification evah!

Such a lovely poem!

Plus, "tag, you're it!"