Wednesday, October 5, 2011

... company

i think all those screams lost to the wind
carried out
i think all those thoughts i thought so hard
traveled the waves
i think they came in with the tide
and over time
they swam in

and its funny to think
that the man by the water
had seen those same waves
and felt that same breeze

and maybe he heard
what no one else could
and maybe he pulled
just a bit closer to me

and slowly we met
and my speech became louder
my words became clearer
and suddenly i felt i heard

and though hes a stranger in so many ways
he seems to be something i can relate

for what we dont understand completely
we make up in love and stand by
and he listens to things
as my thoughts ramble on

and he gives me his hand to hold
even in harder times
and i take it quite willingly
and walk on besides him