Thursday, December 11, 2008

name me robot!!

I recieved my adorable little robot picture from englishmaninps the other day!!! He is super cute!! (the robot that is.....although im sure andrew is in his own right ;) hehe

He was photographed by andrew barber who is quite good at what he does!! His photos can be made into many sizes or put on actual items like magnets or cards, ect. ! He has a great range and i love how his things can be all grouped together to make an awesome collage of images. but they are strong enough to stand on their own too!!

I put him up in my hallway. There he can be seen by everyone and helps direct traffic to the washroom! My girls and i love him and immediately placed him as the center of, if we only had a name!
We went through a few but just couldnt find the right one!!

Thats where you come in! Help us think of ideas.... take a close look at that metal man of ours and tell me what you think he looks like??

(all photos are taken by andrew barber @

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I was looking for some fun and usefull things for my girls presents this year...
I found these adorable eye-spy bags!! When i got them in the mail the other day, i was super pleased! They are made by talona, and really well i might add! She has all different patterns you can choose from.

*These I Spy Bags are filled with 39 trinkets for hours of discovery! Great for long waits and travel. Approx 6 1/2" across. Bag is made of high quality cotton, fleece lined front and back, and triple stitched for safety. The outer edge is stitched twice and once more when soft fleece binding is added. The fleece lining is super smooth, allowing the trinkets and pellets to slide easily. Fleece also makes this bag sooooo soft. The clear vinyl window is sandwiched between two full layers of fabric. *
They also have an attached laminated card so i can detach it if i choose!
They are washable too!! which i like ;) just wash in warm water and airdry!! super easy
I cant wait to see them use these cute bags, they are good for any child!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

yeah! the snow has finally hit the ground! and i love it ;) last night the sky was lit up... fat flakes falling softly to the ground! sooo beautiful!

Once a year we wait for a night like that. Then we wake the sleeping children from their beds in the late hours and go outside and play! The sky is always a softly lit orange, and the cold is just enough to give a slight chill.... The snowballs are fun to throw, and of coarse theres always angels to be made!!