Friday, February 20, 2009


so much for small talk
its all i get
and not that i dont like it
but it seems
either that or um...
so i just thought that maybe
this thing was
but maybe im wrong
maybe its nothing
totally dispensable
thats not a good feeling
that someone could take you or leave you
i mean when you feel like your
missing someone
and they dont seem to mind
or at least dont tell you
and play it all cool like
and maybe its just me today
or it could be for real
who knows
its hard to read someone
when they are silent

hours have past
tried to take up my day with minor little bits of things to do
things that need to be done
took a hot bath
that was ok
now im sweet on my newest treasury
and just wanting to veg out completely
hubby gave me a big hug
so that was nice
still wishing to hear from you
wanting to know things
that seem to go unsaid
is there something your not saying
is there something someone needs to hear from you
is there
well maybe and you just didnt think of it
i mean hey
open book peoples
and kindness towards others goes a long way
and i would love if you were to
tell me things....


ClemArt Design said...

Awaiting a response that may never come or might come but not wanted is a horrible feeling. Knowing that something is slowly sliding out of your control and then speeding up into a point that your world no longer is your own because you have devoted so much time to the fantasies in your head about something complete can throw off ones day. Alas that is simply how things go I guess.
It would be nice for just a little approval dont you think?

littlepapoose said...

hehe...awwww clemm! ;)

but in the end yes.