Thursday, December 31, 2009

It was a nice suprise to wake up last day of 2009
and find id made the etsy storque
and that the treasury i made (get through)
made it to front page!

i always love putting them together
and most always i put a message inside
like tiny criptic ways
of putting thoughts in my head
out into the world
or in this case... etsy ;)

some of you know this
ive seen you comment on them
or message me in such a way
its nice
and this year i am greatful for etsy
seems silly to be thankful for an online site
but it has brought me to know people i like
and to be able to give to others
in a way
pieces of me :)
i am greatful for so much this past year
my children and family
for love
for grace and compassionate people
i am thankful for patience
and wish i had more ;)
just so much really..

this past year i was able to travel a bit
and im SO greatful for that
so many adventures

i cant wait to see what is brought my way
in this new year!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

so Christmas this year was nice..
my oldest two came in about 7 am
to inform me that our presents had arrived
and stockings filled!

i stumbled out of bed and we all came out to the living room
giggles of excitement followed
as they eyed all the goods once again

we opened stockings
baby was not so amused with unwrapping gifts
even the shiny bows didnt seem to amuse her
instead she sat on her presents and watched us

Then it was time for the gifts under the tree!
there wasnt tons
but i was very happy this year that my oldest two
were able to pick out gifts themselves for everyone in the family
i want them to see the enjoyment of giving to others
and they did!!
they were so excited to have us open the handmade bits
and things they picked out from the store!
we oohed and ahhhhed at all the goodness :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

christmas eve
we pile the kids up and go to my fathers house for the day
everyone was excited to see one another
my little bros and sisters
all waiting to play with our children

My oldest brother is a bit too old to play
so he hangs out with us!!
good times
we shoot some pool
play some xbox
joke around and snack
then my uncle and cousin show up right before dinner!

this year instead of regular dining table
my dad had bought 3 tables and set up the dining room
to look like a lovely restaurant
my sisters had set up a menu
and we sat down to these lovely tables
while they took our order
soup , salad, bread
then a main coarse of lasagna
and or mostaccioli
they also were our servers!!
yay for good service ;)

after we finished there was a bunch of
desert to choose from
of coarse we wanted to try a few ;)

after dinner we opened gifts
and got to talk a bit to my cousin and his new girlfriend
she was back from spain
and had some lovely stories to tell
it was sweet to watch them so in love
all huggy and kissy

We had lots of fun
then packed the kids up and headed for home!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

its been snowing all day...
the light coming in from outside is beautiful and im craving hot chocolate.
I love days like this....
days you want to spend getting snowed in and cuddling with the one you love.

This time of year makes me want to tell everyone i love
just how much
To me its the warmest time of year
makes my insides even more mush than normal

Im excited for Christmas day to come too
i will get to enjoy the children opening up their gifts
i will make a yummy meal
consisting of turkey and mashed potatoes and whatnot
makes me hungry just thinking about it

we will have my mother over.
my sister will come with her boyfriend
we will play games
and laugh
and eat way too much

Sunday, December 20, 2009


mommy broke her heart today
she said the holder walked away
and all the pieces on the floor
she doesnt want them any more

we handed her a sewing needle
we handed her some thread
we hope that she can mend it
while crying in her bed

she says her body hurts
her tummy full of pain
her eyes so full of sadness
she says she cant explain

she goes about our day
all drained of any cares
then she sits there lifeless
mumbling her prayers

she smiles with her mouth
but her eyes are full of tears
she says shes never known this love
through out all of her years

she says its all her fault
but we dont understand
she says its all her fault

Saturday, December 19, 2009


apologies they must be said
i wasnt thinking clearly
and due to insecurities
ive hurt someone i hold dearly

and all the sorrys in the world
can not take back my wrong
but i will do whatever it takes
to prove my love is strong

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

come on in and get your last minute holiday gifts!
great stocking stuffers and ornaments!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

a quote...

deep breath in...
and exhale.

so much on my mind lately
i cant sleep!
its 2 am
your on my mind
their on my mind
everythings on my mind

deep breath in....

on the plus side ive been up late enough to snag a treasury!

love the photo in it with the quote
"never allow someone to be your priority
while allowing yourself to be their option"
its a good quote
i love it and hate it all at once
im all for not being callused to the world
and to people
and yet this quote at the present time is fitting to me
im an option
so do i give of myself? or not
that is the question

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the winner is...

*drum roll*
and the winner is.....

you can visit her lovely shop
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Thanks all who entered
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


mooshoopork is having a giveaway
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Monday, November 2, 2009

happy birthday!

my bell had a birthday this weekend!
yay 4!

we got all dressed up
and had ourselves a tea party!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


theres nothing that is harder
than this rock im looking at
the hard place right behind me
and yet theres no regrets

im waiting for the rock to move
or the hard place to go soft
either way
it will come some day

ill just wait and see

Thursday, October 22, 2009


tiny architects
make tiny houses

Mooshoopork has holiday listings
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Holidays are oh so soon!!
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Thursday, October 15, 2009



Custom orders being taken now
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

went to the aquarium this past week
it was fun
we saw all sorts of fishes and aquatic animals
we watched a lady feed otters
and then played i spy in the aquariums to see if we could find whatever it was we knew was hiding in the tank
the jelly fish were quite neat ;)
i kept trying to get good shots of them
but they are harder than you might think

Thursday, October 1, 2009

my tribe

i can feel it stir inside me
this thing.

black soot painted on the faces
faces of men and women who came before me
although mostly the men painted their face in my tribe
women occasionally decorated their faces
with dots
so here is mine

although id consider myself a "mutt"
as i child i was registered to the Miami Nation
my grandfather took us to powows
and we learned of our history

though heavily diluted bloodlines run through the tribe
we are held together by customs
songs and tribal government

(white as snow)

Monday, September 28, 2009

night sky

(painting by: KiowaWolf)

theres something about fresh night air
that draws me

the clouds illuminated by that big moon
the flash of light
the low rumble

im pulled

thunder like a slow moan
the beat of a drum inside my chest

is it inherited ?
did this come from long before me ?

the breeze hits my skin
hair blows
my eyes look up
and smile

i feel at one with my surroundings

deep breaths in
i fill up with passion and drive

pushing out any negativity within me

i lay in the grass
wet with dew

i can smell the rain coming
is that odd?
i love that smell

my skin exposed to the night
i feel a cool breeze slide across me

i close my eyes
i am content
i am glad
i am thankful

i was given this
this nature
this earth to take in
and be

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009


my mind is always working
is that good?
i think that the artist in me is in a state of constant creation
whether that means
coming up with ideas to make
or ideas to make happen
im always in motion
"brain wise"
that is.
insomnia has kicked in
which means im thinking way beyond my everyday
its seeping into my quiet time
what am i thinking
nothing and everything all at once
and one of these days its bound to come out.

Monday, September 21, 2009

elements of a fight...

your mine right?
yes im yours
your all mine?
yes ill give you all of me
your just mine?
yes no one else
your gonna let me have you whenever i want?
yes im here for you
your gonna cook for me?
yes whatever you like..i will try for you
your gonna wait for me?
yes ill wait
your gonna come see me?
yes ill get on planes and come see you

what are we gonna do?
i dont know i didnt plan anything
can we do something while im there?
your home all day you figure it out

nothing i was just hoping we could do something.
your always complaining!
im not complaining, i just want to do something with you.
im tired of this!
im not doing anything
no your pissing me off.. alway complaining
im not saying anything!?

why are you being so mean?
im not mean
your words are hurtful
i dont see how
well they are
sorry but i dont think im being mean

happy now?
youve wasted our time
you just wasted my night
we can talk im not mad
no im pissed, you wasted my night
but your wasting this time talking about time weve wasted
fuck you


Monday, September 14, 2009

the obstacle

theres a bit of a struggle
to keep it together
when space is pulling it soo far apart

and all that i wanted
is to be forever
but for now i wait to see if it can even start

and its hard for us both
and theres times that we slip
and times that we cling
but we seem to lose grip

and im glad for your hands
for your strength to hold on
when my arms get week
and i think its all gone

and if you can just tell me
that youll always be here
then i can just exhale and relax just a bit....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

I got these gorgeous hair accessories
from Nomsa
Some for my girls and oh yes.. a couple for me :)
hehe couldnt resist.

I almost cant wait to give them as gifts.. i wanna
wear them now!!

They are quite lovely and well made
She is a super friendly lady
and fantastic to work with !

Check out her shop today!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

chomp chomp!
mr. nutcracker is here
along with some others.. ive got a few sizes and im working on them
as we speak.. er type.. er read?
either way,
so if you would like a custom nutcracker
just convo mooshoopork

in other mooshoo news : she got herself a twitter
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Monday, August 24, 2009


....and ill gladly hand over the reigns
if i know i have a say in your hands
but when i turn and i see
them coming at me
i drop my feet and i make some demands

Thursday, August 20, 2009


so you think you want to
but then really? do you?
and why do you fight if
if its something you cling to

Sunday, August 16, 2009

so today is a lazy sunday...
time to blog , yes?
hehe i think so
seems this year to be a bit slacking in all things i normally keep up with.
is it me? hehe well, yeah
a bit of passion taken from "daily duties" and put into good hands i guess
and thats not bad

anywho... speaking of passion
i gots me a treasury!
am i the only one who sees treasuries as an opportunity to vent?
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in other news little papoose
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straight from my grammas button collection to you!
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mooshoopork is also listing some new items
ive still got naked shakers as well...
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also some pilgrims have landed as well at mooshoo

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

elen vital anthology

This cute little etsy shop is run by a couple who want to bring a
bit more natural and "green" products into your lives.

they have an assortment of products
some of which include eye pillows filled with
things to put your head at ease....
they also have childrens things as well.

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in other news :
littlepapoose has another treasury!
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full of sweet love and heart ache ....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

falls coming...

new listing at

just in time for upcoming fall!!
custom orders being taken :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

inside this box.. (poetry)

life inside of any box aint easy
when all your love is in another box completely

and everything inside and your body
is yearning
to get out

and then the other box begins
to move around beyond the things
that you can reach or do or see
and all your hopes are lingering

you run and try to grasp on to
the things that you know might work for you
but all it does is move away
and your afraid that you must stay

inside your little box

when your sure of what you want
and then
your told it isnt easy when
you know the hard that lies before you
you dont care you want to ignore it

and all the folks that you cant tell
just sit right by
and wonder well
whats wrong with you
inside your box
the outside looks so nice and soft

and you tumble round
in all the space
the lonely empty tiny place
your love looks back and is disgraced
you sigh
and try and to lift your face

and force a smile
as you watch
it go by
and wonder why
you couldnt reach
or did it even try
to grab you

so grab a pillow
make a spot
to try and land
as you fall round and round
i cannot see where this will end

(photos by: shusipot soulyyours SGMahan enhabiten)