Tuesday, February 17, 2009

when thoughts get in the way
and theres so much to be said
and people play games
but i dont like them much

and so i say
what i think
and i think that thats good
cause who said
we cant be straight forward
who said we have to play tough
who sais its not right to pour your heart out
to be an open book
to show all your cards and hope to see some in return

must we be so callused in our thinking
that being kind
and open
and honest
is looked at as week

does it make us vulnerable...
is that bad?
i dont think so
for we are all in this big boat together
and why not share my thoughts
why must i fear rejection
fear the unknown

i want to be an open book
i want to tell you exactly how i feel
and i would like...
wait, love
the same in return

so here am i
no walls
all my flaws
all my heart
all my thoughts

(photography by: sweetblue )

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