Monday, February 16, 2009

wait for the music...

you sit in the dimness
lit only by the flickering of candles
the air is filled
with anticipation
i can see you
watching me
i slowly make my way over to you

theres a sort of
in the air

my nerves are exposed
only dulled by my

as you rest your hands on my hips
pulling me closer
i can smell you
feel you
touch you

your hands
run along my curves
so soft

you can feel the tension
and so can i
its been building
and ive been yearning

our bodies close together

sweet kisses
and sweat
tossled hair
i wrap myself around you

i can feel you smile

its nice....


Nemesis_Productions said...

Lovely, as always. :)

Mike said...
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ClemArt Design said...

"Jizz in my pants"

Mike said...

Nice! There is something for you in my latest post, check it out!