Saturday, January 31, 2009

cool beans

So my etsy addiction grows...

I just absolutely love the idea of useful and functional art!! I got this great mr. robot bag from Englishmaninps. I use canvas bags all the time to carry my much needed groceries... Paper or plastic?? no thanks, ive got my own !! ;)

Englishmaninps got creative with his art, which i think is great!! One of his newer listings is STICKERS!!!! hehe. who doesnt love stickers?? I ordered some of these stickers from englishmaninps so that i could then share them with you ;) I love to put tiny extras in my packages and these great little pieces of art are super cute for anyone!!

visit Englishmaninps shop.... and see what he can make for you!


ClemArt Design said...

Lmao, you make the best marketing campaigns ever!

Jean Elizabeth said...

Love the bag and the stickers. Great idea to go green with the canvas bag at the grocery store. Afterall, how many plastic bags does one really need? My bag drawer is overflowing! Love your blog!