Tuesday, September 30, 2008


ok folks... the stockings are starting! This guy to my left is forrester. Supers soft flannel on the outside and a great cotton on the inside.(see my etsy for details) Im working on some more flannel ones due to the fact that i absolutely loved how they turned out. soft a cuddly, yet warm and stylish...

Then we have indigo.. She is a great stocking.Lined with this awsome cotton ive been waiting to use. And i just got this wool in this past week and cant wait to make some hats and more stocking ect. out of it. So im taking orders as well. embelishing them as much or as little as you want. beads, trees, snowflakes, holly, flowers, the list goes on. Whether your looking for a traditional look, or a bit more .... fun and silly, i can do both.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


so i got my cousin (aka my twin) to come model my lady hats! it was too much fun. we always end up being goofy and laughing so hard we cry!

but i got some good photos. so thats a plus.

Friday, September 19, 2008


So my bell has gotton so much bigger since last yr! and her cute little who-ville hat wont fit her head. time to break out the yarn! i love crocheting thes hats. they are simply adorable. thinking maybe i will add them to my shop if i make a few. maybe some scarves too.....

this is my oldes girl....giving me one of her "poses".
She is a sucker for the camera! always has been.
cheeeeeese! ;)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

the model model

my latest works... hats! yes ive been sewing away to make these adorable little baby hats. (and adult) this ones size is @ 3-6 months.

so of coarse when it comes time for the photos, my model is an obvious choice. my little plum!
of coarse lately (with homeschooling and all) my projects dont get a chance to be worked on till evening. and my model lately is starting her daily meltdown around 4:30pm-6pm. which seems the absolute latest i can keep her up. usually i give up around 5:30pm, and put her to bed.

But not this particular night. no no, plum you must stay up to model my hat!..... it was 6. dad just got home so i grab the camera...."smile baby"!

she was not having it. It started off with a drooly face and a blank stare. so i try for that big winning smile, no luck. I make funny noises, daddy even tickles! still, no luck. only now the blank stare is a frown...there goes the lip! awwww, dont cry...

too late! shes tired. moms got her in this hat, dads holding her up, theres bright light and a flashing camera!
no way that was gonna work. so i admit defeat. take off the hat. comfort my poor baby , who has been forced to endure some sort of child labor by modeling for me....

and im stuck with the winning shot.......

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


This is an example of the wreaths that i make.
Though not that big, they do make quite an impact! They can be hung from doorknobs or just on doors. This one is made from glass balls....

I have also used other materials in making them such as red berries (fake of coarse), candies, bells....ect.
Each wreath is handmade, and the base is wrapped with silk ribbon, which can be seen from the back .

I have also made more springtime wreaths. Made from silk flowers, and again the base was rapped in ribbon.

I hope to be making some this yr. especially for the holiday season. I am also taking custom orders on these too!


Buy Handmade

My shop is now open. yeah!
I am still adding new things every few days so keep checking back.
This fall im planning on working on a few different things;
more creatures
and seasonal hairdids

I may also be making my wreaths.

I take custom requests. so if its not for sale right now.... just ask
I may be able to make you one. Or if you have an idea of something you want made....
just ask.

Thanks for looking!