Tuesday, February 3, 2009

crayon theory

ok so i read this in a forum earlier.. thought it was quite good! ;)

HoursAndTimes says:
If emotional understanding were crayons, most men get the 8 pack while women get the 64 pack with the built in sharpener.

The male crayon box contains 1 yellow (happy), 1 blue (sad) 1 red (angry) and 1 black (my team lost the playoffs) crayon. The other 4, he believes, are varying degrees of hunger.

Women have about 32 shades of orange, red, pink, flesh tones, magenta, rose, salmon, etc, etc, etc, that are all technically in the Red family. When a man encounters one of these emotions - say salmon (disappointment) or rose (resignation with a hint of despair), he frantically searches his crayon box for a match. What does that look like? A HA!

Thus the man will ask, with trepidation,
"Are you mad?"

To which the woman can quite honestly say,
"No, I'm not mad."

And the man scratches his head. He thinks to himself, well, she's either lying or she's hungry. He's still nervous, because there's something in the air that feels like a thing he should be able to name, but having eyes that only see primary colors, it is indistinct. He hopes that if he stays very still and very quiet, perhaps it will go away.

It is around this point that the salmon or rose has turned to a deep flashing red, and the man realizes there is no escape. There's going to be 'a discussion'. This is the first time the man begins to discern what rose (resignation with a hint of despair) looks like.

It is only by these small increments that you can acclimate a man to new emotions. After a long period of remedial color study, he will recognize that those 4 stages of hunger were in fact fledgling emotions, waiting to be acknowledged.

(photo and theory by: HoursAndTimes)


littlepapoose said...

i know i usually put my own stuff in here...
but this stood out to me tonight.

hope you enjoy it ;)

Meekiyu said...

lolol... that's so very very true... i can imagine my own BF calculating which crayon color I am as compared to his. =D

ClemArt Design said...

LMAO, oh man. I am not a man but I have the 8 crayon box. I am like are you angry? Cause cupcakes can fix that lol

littlepapoose said...

clem...dont deny your big box o'colors..

just cause we be easily swayed by sweets ;)

ClemArt Design said...

LMAO, so I just have a ton of colors and a selection of brownie, cupcake, cookie, cake, and pie crayons?

Drea said...
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littlepapoose said...

exactly clem...

The Milkshake said...

That was neat,
I think my box o crayons is biggerr then that though!