Wednesday, January 12, 2011


once there was a boy
who met a woman
and pretended to be a man

and he dressed the part
 and talked the part
but couldnt stick to his plan

for when times got tough
and the woman would lean
the boy would run away

and the woman would cry
what could she do
there was nothing more to say

Friday, January 7, 2011

soft spoken

i am an original 
sais the quiet girl 
who gets a bit lost in a crowd of unique faces

i am what i am
sais the girl
as she does her best impression of the sailor man

but at the end of the day 
i must be happy 
and ok with the fact that most will never know me
most will never have heard of me
and most will continue on unaware of what was never presented to them

and so i am unique
sais the girl
in a proud quiet voice
that was heard only by a few
the few that mattered 
to her

carry on