Saturday, February 28, 2009

so last night i was introduced to this little site in which you and your online friends can, well... color together! hehe. my dear clem showed me how it all works. All you have to do is sign up and you can open up your own "room" and then you and your friends can draw and chat together!
ok this sounds a bit um.. dorky? haha i know. but it was actually kinda fun.
Of coarse clem has a drawing pad on her computer. And I ..well, i had a touch pad! hahah. sooo not the same. Anyway as she started out her masterpiece.. I played around with the tools and tried to test some of the features. Well, needless to say i had a MAJOR lag going, which doesnt help when trying to draw something. I also was getting locked up on my pc for some reason.. hmmm? so i had to log out a couple times and come back in...
well i did get to help a wee bit. and in the end i mostly just colored stuff in... and by that i mean, smeared color over clems cute sketchings.. hahahah
ok so i did fix the mans head.. that was one point for me in this sad first attempt at online drawing.
The part that kills is that i spent yrs. in HS and college doing CAD. and i had mad skills when it came to whipping up some blueprints or mechanical drawings... haha Not to mention i can actually draw in person!! ok so this is a far cry from CAD .. .. too bad, cause i could have soo impressed clem with my amazing talent!
Anyways!!! like isaid its fun to play around on. you can play games or just draw eachother virtual diagrams.. hehe whatever you like. If you would like to check it out click

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

cuppy biket

So we had an unwelcome visitor today..
At a whopping 1 inch big... this guy was sure to fill even the strongest man with fright!!
He was found wandering our basement. Well to be more specific he had wandered into the playroom. My oldest apparently tried to catch him and my #2 ran upstairs and told me in a very serious face, that there was a mouse and i needed to get him out now!!
Poor #2 she was soo very scared of this guy. Hubby stopped by the house around lunchtime and we had him go catch the mouse! hehe. And being the great husband he is.. he went straight downstairs to rid us of this horrid creature.
He caught him in a plastic pitcher.. and brought him upstairs. I wanted to show my daughters this terrifying beast of a mouse. My oldest saw him and said "awww, hes SO cute!". My #2 said "um... can he get out of that thing?". hahaha
Once i assured her that she was safe, she decided to name him. My oldest went for the more obvious names like fluffy or cutie.. but then my #2 (after much thought) decided to name him... CUPPY BIKET!!! random i know. haha
anyway, hubby took him with him on his way back to work. He let him go in a field. So we wish little cuppy biket a happy long life.. just not in our home :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

homemade play dough (attempt #1)

ok so i got a homemade play dough recipe of of AnniKae's blog the other day..
it looked so fun and easy to make so i decided to suprise my girls with it!! First i set out all the ingredients... well minus the cream of tartar (which apparently is quite important!) haha. but i didnt have any so i thought to myself...hmmm what to use instead? so i put in some baking soda! haha. this i must say actually passed the test for the first hour or so..but the next day..well let just say it was sticky dough by then. So note to self people : use cream of tartar! haha
anway we made this dough and i since it was kinda late and more of an expirimental first attempt i told my girls they could each pick one color. Well OF COARSE my oldest picked pink and my #2 picked purple!! so we went ahead and mixed it up.. looked pretty good i thought for a first attempt and despite my "expirimental" ingredients. Well as they sat there mixing the dough till it turned their desired color, i noticed my #2 trying to eat it!! haha. not really a problem but i then realized she didnt know what she was holding!
I then decided to share the big "secret thing we were making.. they instantly laughed that they actually MADE play dough. then they got to work. i set out some "tools" to play with and let them go! they played for like an hour straight! wahoo... my oldest decided to make a princess castle (big suprise;) and my #2 decided to make a um...well.. hmmm. im not sure what it was. but in the end she said it was a kickety kick ball! haha

so for all of you who might like to try making some play dough
here is the recipe straight from AnniKae's blog.

1 cup flour
2 tsp. cream of tartar
1/2 cup salt
1 cup water
1 Tbls. vegetable oil
food coloring

Combine flour, cream of tartar, and salt together in a saucepan. Then, combine water and vegetable oil in a small bowl. Slowly stir liquid into flour mixture, stirring constantly. Cook over medium heat until mixture pulls away from side of pan. When mixture is cool enough, divide into as many parts as you'd like and add food coloring. Knead until color is evenly distributed into dough. When finished, put into plastic bags to keep it fresh. Store at room temperature.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

computer bits

Does this ever happen at your house???
hubby is a computer guy..and ever so often i find monitors and what i can only describe as "shells" of computers lying around. yes folks..hes "working on it". thats what he calls it. more like taking it apart piece by piece. Not that i really mind. but i just sometimes wonder??? does this happen in every home? Does everyone have a "goody bag" of computer parts just lying around waiting to be inserted or plugged in.. Do any of you just wake up one morning to find like a graveyard of technological bits strewn across your table in the midst of like at least 2 monitors. Some of which have never seen before nor will ever see again.
Ha ha.. this happens like once a month at least. Sometimes hes building a computer for someone, sometimes just fixing one, and other times... well, im not quite sure why hes taken it apart? but there it lies.
Today was a clean and organized "take apart" kinda day i guess...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

ok so the sun is out shining... the snow is falling. I got some cleaning done today, which i love because it makes me feel the day was a bit more productive!! hehe
I have shaken the weird ick of yesterday and now i just want to get up and go out.....
one of those days you could totally get your best face on , go out with your friends and just have a bunch of laughs! hehe. oh well, not gonna happen for me today... but a girl can dream! ;)

Today i offer up my "Self Portrait Thursday" pic to you all!! it leads to my flickr, feel free to comment away...

today my #2 is wearing undies all day!! wahoo for that. well, didnt say we didnt have a few slip ups.. but i remain persistant. No more double diaper duty soon!! so thats a plus. If you have ever read my blog you will know that my #2 is, um ..lets just say my little handful ;) haha
Shes a great comedian ! always crackin me up.. bit of a piggy as well. She could burn a whole in you with one of her scowls but has the cutest dimples and loves to make people laugh.
She came up to me today before nap.. gave me a half a hug (she was distracted by her new band aid) and let me kiss her on the cheek! hahah. i said " mommy loves you how much?". and she holds up her fingers to show me about an inch of love!! hahaha
"no way !!" i said i love you forever and ever and ever... she just laughed and said.. "nope, about this much" ( still showing only about an inch)
In Etsy news: ive made the front page 4 times in the last week or so.. 2 treasuries and 2 baby ninja bunnies!! So that was a wee bit exciting..
i currently have two treasuries out as well. one here... and one here ! :)

alright im done. time to eat!!

Friday, February 20, 2009


so much for small talk
its all i get
and not that i dont like it
but it seems
either that or um...
so i just thought that maybe
this thing was
but maybe im wrong
maybe its nothing
totally dispensable
thats not a good feeling
that someone could take you or leave you
i mean when you feel like your
missing someone
and they dont seem to mind
or at least dont tell you
and play it all cool like
and maybe its just me today
or it could be for real
who knows
its hard to read someone
when they are silent

hours have past
tried to take up my day with minor little bits of things to do
things that need to be done
took a hot bath
that was ok
now im sweet on my newest treasury
and just wanting to veg out completely
hubby gave me a big hug
so that was nice
still wishing to hear from you
wanting to know things
that seem to go unsaid
is there something your not saying
is there something someone needs to hear from you
is there
well maybe and you just didnt think of it
i mean hey
open book peoples
and kindness towards others goes a long way
and i would love if you were to
tell me things....

Thursday, February 19, 2009

vintage quilt

So i recieved this cute vintage quilt from Desertnana a little while back. I just love it !! Some of the fabrics date back to the 1940's and the patterns and colors are so cute! I put it at the end of my bed and use it every night. ....(especially the super cold ones weve been getting lately)

Check out Destertnana's shop! She has some awsome great vintage finds. As well as some of her own photography and greeting cards!! She is a super sweet person and fellow Etsian.

Thanks again Desertnana!! i love it :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

when thoughts get in the way
and theres so much to be said
and people play games
but i dont like them much

and so i say
what i think
and i think that thats good
cause who said
we cant be straight forward
who said we have to play tough
who sais its not right to pour your heart out
to be an open book
to show all your cards and hope to see some in return

must we be so callused in our thinking
that being kind
and open
and honest
is looked at as week

does it make us vulnerable...
is that bad?
i dont think so
for we are all in this big boat together
and why not share my thoughts
why must i fear rejection
fear the unknown

i want to be an open book
i want to tell you exactly how i feel
and i would like...
wait, love
the same in return

so here am i
no walls
all my flaws
all my heart
all my thoughts

(photography by: sweetblue )

Monday, February 16, 2009

wait for the music...

you sit in the dimness
lit only by the flickering of candles
the air is filled
with anticipation
i can see you
watching me
i slowly make my way over to you

theres a sort of
in the air

my nerves are exposed
only dulled by my

as you rest your hands on my hips
pulling me closer
i can smell you
feel you
touch you

your hands
run along my curves
so soft

you can feel the tension
and so can i
its been building
and ive been yearning

our bodies close together

sweet kisses
and sweat
tossled hair
i wrap myself around you

i can feel you smile

its nice....

Sunday, February 15, 2009

doll squares

So i heard the mailman yesterday and ran to the door to see if my package from Englishmaninps had arrive... but alas, no such luck.

Then today as hubby brings in groceries through our back door ..he announces "you have a package!!" hahaha Who would have guessed to check the BACK DOOR!? well, not me obviously

So i quickly grabbed up the package and tore into it!!
I love getting packages in the mail! its like christmas morning for me. even when i know whats in it.. i still get a wee bit excited :)
What did i find? you may be wondering... well i got these adorable little photos!!

Attached to 4x4 canvas these square prints are super cute and i just love them!!

Thank you Englishmaninps!!

Want your own awsome art ???

Saturday, February 14, 2009

little bunny ninja
hopping through the forrest
scooping up the field mice and ....HIYA!!!

these guys are great for easter coming up as well
and theres more to come
i also take custom orders ;)

these little guys have also been featured in

Monday, February 9, 2009


I just want to crawl over
and curl up
i just want you there
to be by
i just want to let go
of all this
and be
cant i spend a day
a week
a moment
this thing in me
seems to be
and i cant help
but wonder
do you ever feel the same?

(photograph by: yvonnecatterson)

five good reads for you and your kids ...

So when i had my oldest daughter i decided to start collecting books for her... and with each child since i have done the same. We now have a great little "library" of sorts to choose from. I not only have some great old books but also some wonderful new ones. Each one is picked out with my kids in mind and the wonderful stories and illustrations i want to share with them...
I chose five books today to show you because I think they are each great in their own little way. (yes there are 7 pictured but im only doing 5 today) They are a random collection of unique stories that you too might want to share with your children.

The first one is called the Epiplectic Bicycle by Edward Gorey. This is a great little story about Embley and Yewbert and their very odd and random day. well maybe a day or maybe just a short part of their day... you never can tell. Nor can you ever know exactly what became of them. but i have my theories ;)

The second one is called The Shrinking of Treehorn by Florence Parry Heide. ( Edward Gorey did the drawings in this book as well) which i find wonderful, because I just love his drawings!
This book is about... well, you guessed it , the shrinking of poor treehorn. Just how, if ever, will he get back to his normal size. and does anyone even really notice?

Book#3 is called Super H. by: Oliveir Douaou and Philippe Derrien. This is a super cool story about Henry and his struggle to find what makes him unique and super hero like ;)

My fourth book is The Happy Hocky Family by Lane Smith. This book is just one of a series about the Hocky Family. With short two- four page little anecdotes. The dry humor of it all is what appealed to me .. hehehe

And lastly for today... but not least, is the book Hubert Horatio Bartle Bobton-Trent by Lauren Child . This is a story about Hubert who is a child prodigy and saves his frivolous party going parents from the poor house. How does he do it? you may ask... read the book!! hahah (ok i just had this weird "reading rainbow" moment for a sec. )

Whew! There is five good books i think every parent and child will enjoy during reading time;)
so grab your child (or any child really) and sit down and read... it will do you both some good !!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

so ive been "tagged" like 3 more times since last time i blogged this silly little facts blog. but once again i shall do it. (thanks inkihandmade ) and hopefully not repeat myself...
so this time is 8 things?? (last time was 7)

1. i lived in a bar my senior yr. in high school.

2. i have an amazing socks life! yes you heard right. and its soo true.

3. i think as we get older we accumulate more "oats". this is just a theory but for me its a fact.

4. i sleep on my stomach

5. i always close my bedroom and closet door before going to bed.

6. i wear a size 3 shoe.

7. i dont like bananas...and worse than bananas is people chewing bananas... yuck!

8. im good at keeping secrets.

ok theres my post....
thanks for playing ;)

ps. clem this is for you.... #9. i say i love you to everyone before i hang up... even friends ;)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

random thought-- fragile (written months ago)

Why is it
Ever so often , so rarely, so sudden
I seem to be made of glass
One small tremor
I shatter

I cant help but wonder
When did the first stone hit
When did it make that small crack
The one unnoticed
The one that didn't concern me

For I saw the crack growing
Tried to patch it
Tried to stop it
As it slid across my surface
As it made its way further

I guess I thought
I was strong enough
To get by with it there
To look beyond it
So small

But now as I focus on it again…
Its grown
How do I fix it…
To late
Another stone
And ive burst to pieces

…………..Now where is that broom?

(photograph by: Jen McCleary)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

little red doors

So i recieved my favorite of packages yesterday.... the "Littlereddoor" package!! so much fun to open .. mine was filled with little trinkets and thes absolutely adorable houses! She makes all kinds. From little houses to skyscrapers! Gnome homes or magnets.... shes got a bunch of little goodies that are ready to come live with you!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

crayon theory

ok so i read this in a forum earlier.. thought it was quite good! ;)

HoursAndTimes says:
If emotional understanding were crayons, most men get the 8 pack while women get the 64 pack with the built in sharpener.

The male crayon box contains 1 yellow (happy), 1 blue (sad) 1 red (angry) and 1 black (my team lost the playoffs) crayon. The other 4, he believes, are varying degrees of hunger.

Women have about 32 shades of orange, red, pink, flesh tones, magenta, rose, salmon, etc, etc, etc, that are all technically in the Red family. When a man encounters one of these emotions - say salmon (disappointment) or rose (resignation with a hint of despair), he frantically searches his crayon box for a match. What does that look like? A HA!

Thus the man will ask, with trepidation,
"Are you mad?"

To which the woman can quite honestly say,
"No, I'm not mad."

And the man scratches his head. He thinks to himself, well, she's either lying or she's hungry. He's still nervous, because there's something in the air that feels like a thing he should be able to name, but having eyes that only see primary colors, it is indistinct. He hopes that if he stays very still and very quiet, perhaps it will go away.

It is around this point that the salmon or rose has turned to a deep flashing red, and the man realizes there is no escape. There's going to be 'a discussion'. This is the first time the man begins to discern what rose (resignation with a hint of despair) looks like.

It is only by these small increments that you can acclimate a man to new emotions. After a long period of remedial color study, he will recognize that those 4 stages of hunger were in fact fledgling emotions, waiting to be acknowledged.

(photo and theory by: HoursAndTimes)

Monday, February 2, 2009


So today we break out our markers and color!! Such fun. we used to do this more but my #2 is quite a messy colorer...

Is it me or is the oldest child usually responsible? (for lack of a better word) you know. They clean up a bit more, like things in more of an orderly fashion...

where as my #2 is just ... eh, im gonna throw this right here. and she cant get through coloring (even with crayons) without it ending up all over her face??!! Im like "Hey!" how in the world does it always end up there? hehe

today she had a small patch on her chin..and then somehow on her neck it was like swirling its way down past her neckline of her shirt too!!? crazy i know. but this is my #2 .. it just happens with her.

My oldest was perfectly clean. not a smear or smudge in sight. Drawing with great care. She made sure every detail was perfect to her own standards...which it hard because even she, cant always meet her own standards. She tends to get frusterated at her own skill level... "why cant i draw as well as you mom?" im always hearing it. Although i keep telling her. she is quite an artist in her own right...

So they spent the better half of an hour choosing and coloring all the colors and making sure their picture was something special!! My #2 was on and off.. coloring..dropping markers..trying to get tops on them.. loosing the tops... running around the table in search of said top..and back again to color. In the end she decided the markers were better as buildings than purposefull drawing tools. And like her normal self she resorted to her weird little habit of lining things up into straight lines

Its the one thing she does that seems "orderly"... she does this with magnets on the fridge.. her dolls, and these butterfly stickers we gave them for their room. My oldest has them flying about while #2...hers are all in one straight line! ;)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

cant think straight
things on my mind
just wanted to hear you say things to me

on one hand so simple
and another so hard

i think things are different
but they turn out the same
one day its a journey
and the next im lost

why is it when it seems
that my smile wont fade
i get hooked
then i look
and its all gone again

have you ever had so much you wanted to say that nothing came out.
so much going on in my head. i cant get it all straight. the words are there but not in any particular order... want, need, touch, love, amazing, pull, give, dream, laugh, sadness, confusion....
i just want to put it out there. but i cant quite find the way.

(artwork by starseeker59)