Monday, February 9, 2009

five good reads for you and your kids ...

So when i had my oldest daughter i decided to start collecting books for her... and with each child since i have done the same. We now have a great little "library" of sorts to choose from. I not only have some great old books but also some wonderful new ones. Each one is picked out with my kids in mind and the wonderful stories and illustrations i want to share with them...
I chose five books today to show you because I think they are each great in their own little way. (yes there are 7 pictured but im only doing 5 today) They are a random collection of unique stories that you too might want to share with your children.

The first one is called the Epiplectic Bicycle by Edward Gorey. This is a great little story about Embley and Yewbert and their very odd and random day. well maybe a day or maybe just a short part of their day... you never can tell. Nor can you ever know exactly what became of them. but i have my theories ;)

The second one is called The Shrinking of Treehorn by Florence Parry Heide. ( Edward Gorey did the drawings in this book as well) which i find wonderful, because I just love his drawings!
This book is about... well, you guessed it , the shrinking of poor treehorn. Just how, if ever, will he get back to his normal size. and does anyone even really notice?

Book#3 is called Super H. by: Oliveir Douaou and Philippe Derrien. This is a super cool story about Henry and his struggle to find what makes him unique and super hero like ;)

My fourth book is The Happy Hocky Family by Lane Smith. This book is just one of a series about the Hocky Family. With short two- four page little anecdotes. The dry humor of it all is what appealed to me .. hehehe

And lastly for today... but not least, is the book Hubert Horatio Bartle Bobton-Trent by Lauren Child . This is a story about Hubert who is a child prodigy and saves his frivolous party going parents from the poor house. How does he do it? you may ask... read the book!! hahah (ok i just had this weird "reading rainbow" moment for a sec. )

Whew! There is five good books i think every parent and child will enjoy during reading time;)
so grab your child (or any child really) and sit down and read... it will do you both some good !!

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alwaysadorable said...

Ah, my Achilles heal...books! Thanks for the great finds! My kids and I can't ever get enough.