Saturday, January 31, 2009

cool beans

So my etsy addiction grows...

I just absolutely love the idea of useful and functional art!! I got this great mr. robot bag from Englishmaninps. I use canvas bags all the time to carry my much needed groceries... Paper or plastic?? no thanks, ive got my own !! ;)

Englishmaninps got creative with his art, which i think is great!! One of his newer listings is STICKERS!!!! hehe. who doesnt love stickers?? I ordered some of these stickers from englishmaninps so that i could then share them with you ;) I love to put tiny extras in my packages and these great little pieces of art are super cute for anyone!!

visit Englishmaninps shop.... and see what he can make for you!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

great finds!!

ok so this past week was my 30th birthday!! I got some great little gifts from hubby this year. He decided to go the "etsy" route... my favorite of all routes!!
First on my list was this great little wallet i recieved from Thienthanh. She makes these great wallets and totes. I love her variety of cute and unique fabrics too! My wallet was an adorable little dear fabric with a red little jingle guy on the zipper! ;)
The next little things i got were some cute little accessorie pouches... two of which were a small snap pouch and a small zipper pouch from Balasadesigns. These were not only well made but super cute!! I use them to hold some more personall "lady" items, as well as some odds and ends, that would otherwise be floating around in my purse! ;) I also recieved a business card holder from MintDesign, that is just so cute.
And where do i put these great little accessories?? (you may be asking) Well all these adorable items go in my all time FAVORITE new purse!! Now i can be a picky girl when it comes to purses..but this meets all my standards!! Its not too big that its bulky but it holds all my stuff. Its very well made....And did i mention its completely adorable??? Love love love it!! Its from a shop called CharmDesign. They have all sorts of cute and practical purses from shoulder totes to (my personal favorite) zipper pouches!!

So there you have it. Some amazing, well made and practical product from fellow etsians!! Stop by there shops and treat yourself! ;)

Monday, January 26, 2009

i cant quite grasp what im going for
but your a goal none the less
and i know theres something there
dispite the obvious mess
im just looking for something
i dont know what i want to find
im just in need of something
i may be wasting all my time
but im going on a hunch
a feeling i cant shake
and im hoping
i dont know what
whatever that it makes...........
theres this heat
from within
and caused me to spin
out of my mind
and into
this hot sweat
i can feel it
on my lips

cant i get a little taste

Friday, January 23, 2009

random thought ... wishing for a strong wind

Im walking on a line..
so thin
so slowly

trying not to fall
too fast
too hard

theres a force

I want to give in...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

same as last year but different...

another wednesday

And here it comes..
The day that marks a year
And somehow in a matter of hours

I will be older than I was
I guess your always older than you were
But in this case
The number actually changes


Still young I guess
Yet slightly aged

And yes sometimes I think age is a bit of a joke

I mean here we are
The same people

And yet these bodies of ours are aging

We are becoming our parents age
As they become theirs
And so on….

so i begin my 30 here. and wonder whats in store...

two bits

1. my friend clemartdesign is a wonderful fellow etsian.. who , just happens to have an amazing blog as well. This week in honor of my birthday (hehe) she is making a comic strip of some of us fellow chatters!!! I get introduced today...i cant wait.... and wanted you all to take a peek and comment if you will!. Clemartdesign is a girl, with mad skills!! shes an awsome personality and she makes me giggle!! so heres to you clem girl (aka. captain penis pants)!! aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr

2. thank you to my annonymous friend who helped me relieve a bit of stress today. I love that you listen and even more that you talk with me. i am greatful to have such a special friend ;)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

random thought... so late

let me see inside your head
just a little bit
let me hear just what you like
and see if i can make it fit

show me all the things you know
so i can show you me
show me how you feel about us
so i know how you feel for me

one sided as this seems
i really wouldnt mind
i like the way you make me feel
and you like my behind

theres these things to be said
but there stuck in my head
and im afraid to let them out
and scare you away

Saturday, January 17, 2009

thanks wood

Yes its cold outside..and im so tired of hearing those tiny knocks on our door from our gnomes, to let them in... Just the other day i recieved my cute fat little door!! Beautifully made by Nothinbutwood, who might i add is also super friendly! and although i myself, have been called wee at times he loves to make special little things for the very wee folk in all our lives! ;)

So now we can just sit back and wait...
and see who comes walking through our little door!

Friday, January 16, 2009

random thought....if (the other day)

I wish there was a way to say
Im sorry for the day today
And all the things i couldn't say
Just happened out that way

And I wish there was a thing to do
That I could then do to you
And prove the way I am to you
But I hadn't a chance to get it through

And I wish I didn't cry just then
And I wish that I could try again
To show the way it shouldve been
To show you what I could've done

i wish that I could….

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

random thought.......go figure

dont confuse nice
with gullible
dont confuse asking questions
with stupidity
dont confuse a smile
with contentness
dont confuse a kind gesture
with simpleness

why when i try does it seem to go south. before it leaves my mouth....

when did being nice mean you assume im an idiot. when did me wanting to figure things out make me less knowledgeable then you. when did me showing a smile :) mean everything is right with me. when did me being kind make me any less complex than you.
what the hell... can i just say that.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


valentines day isnt quite here yet!! but i must start my hands a working on what to make for the upcoming holiday.... Ive got some little houses from my tiny architects in my shop now. And the latest one is my Love Shack!! tiiiiiiiiin roof!!! rusted!
haha. ok couldnt help myself. but you get the idea. So now as i sit in a pile of snow mid january, my mind consumed by "mommish" issues..ive lost my ispiration. What shall i be making this upcoming season.... * sigh*

Anything yould like to see???

Just curious?