Monday, September 28, 2009

night sky

(painting by: KiowaWolf)

theres something about fresh night air
that draws me

the clouds illuminated by that big moon
the flash of light
the low rumble

im pulled

thunder like a slow moan
the beat of a drum inside my chest

is it inherited ?
did this come from long before me ?

the breeze hits my skin
hair blows
my eyes look up
and smile

i feel at one with my surroundings

deep breaths in
i fill up with passion and drive

pushing out any negativity within me

i lay in the grass
wet with dew

i can smell the rain coming
is that odd?
i love that smell

my skin exposed to the night
i feel a cool breeze slide across me

i close my eyes
i am content
i am glad
i am thankful

i was given this
this nature
this earth to take in
and be

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009


my mind is always working
is that good?
i think that the artist in me is in a state of constant creation
whether that means
coming up with ideas to make
or ideas to make happen
im always in motion
"brain wise"
that is.
insomnia has kicked in
which means im thinking way beyond my everyday
its seeping into my quiet time
what am i thinking
nothing and everything all at once
and one of these days its bound to come out.

Monday, September 21, 2009

elements of a fight...

your mine right?
yes im yours
your all mine?
yes ill give you all of me
your just mine?
yes no one else
your gonna let me have you whenever i want?
yes im here for you
your gonna cook for me?
yes whatever you like..i will try for you
your gonna wait for me?
yes ill wait
your gonna come see me?
yes ill get on planes and come see you

what are we gonna do?
i dont know i didnt plan anything
can we do something while im there?
your home all day you figure it out

nothing i was just hoping we could do something.
your always complaining!
im not complaining, i just want to do something with you.
im tired of this!
im not doing anything
no your pissing me off.. alway complaining
im not saying anything!?

why are you being so mean?
im not mean
your words are hurtful
i dont see how
well they are
sorry but i dont think im being mean

happy now?
youve wasted our time
you just wasted my night
we can talk im not mad
no im pissed, you wasted my night
but your wasting this time talking about time weve wasted
fuck you


Monday, September 14, 2009

the obstacle

theres a bit of a struggle
to keep it together
when space is pulling it soo far apart

and all that i wanted
is to be forever
but for now i wait to see if it can even start

and its hard for us both
and theres times that we slip
and times that we cling
but we seem to lose grip

and im glad for your hands
for your strength to hold on
when my arms get week
and i think its all gone

and if you can just tell me
that youll always be here
then i can just exhale and relax just a bit....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

I got these gorgeous hair accessories
from Nomsa
Some for my girls and oh yes.. a couple for me :)
hehe couldnt resist.

I almost cant wait to give them as gifts.. i wanna
wear them now!!

They are quite lovely and well made
She is a super friendly lady
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