Saturday, May 30, 2009

(above: manuel moocow @ littlepapoose)

just starte TEAM TREASURY this week.
as some of you may know i love to make treasuries
and am always excited to see them on front page of Etsy!!
this team is to support one another
in making and being apart of treasuries
and they are looking for new and exciting shops
to add to the group
so if you have great items
creative pics
and like making treasuries
check them out at
so my SPT is up on me flickr
(self portrait thursday)
for those not in the know. hehe

i also joined up on the Roulette team on flickr as well
i love its so far
hehe im only on week one;)

i love comments as well
so anyone of flickr feel free to stop by a pic
and leave a comment or two
or add me as a contact

Sunday, May 24, 2009

both shops! 20% off through monday
Mooshoopork & Littlepapoose

so my two newest terrariums
are in the process of being listed!!
ive decided to go with a durable and flatter moss this time!
using miniature stonecrop
this stuff will spread as far as the soil
and blooms little tiny yellow flowers in the summer!
such fun!!

im also starting to list some of my VINTAGE buttons.
i have a ton of old old buttons from my grandmother...who saved them for yrs.
i couldnt use them all so i decided to share them with you!!
check them out in my ODDS & ENDS section
of mooshoopork

Monday, May 18, 2009

so my treasury made front page of etsy today!! wahoo!
i love when that happens :)

so the last few weeks have been kinda... yeah
busy and blah all at once. and im totally slacking off in my blogging area.
but hopefully i will pick back up in it. today i was making up for a couple days behind in our "homescooling" with my oldest. Luckily she is super smart and picks things up quite fast.
She is however 6 and now starting with the attitude of... "i dont wanna do school work". which i totally dislike. hahah but whats a mum to do.

so more bits for you all..
me latest flickr pics are up and awaiting commentsand anyone out there on MYSPACE ??
well checkout mine and add me if you will
ive decided to make it officially public so as to get the word of my shops out there
so heres me :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

im starting to list my photography!! wahoo!!
for other photos that can be mounted or sold
from mua..
check out me photography on flickr!

these three blue haired ladies
are just some of the newest
mooshoopork dolls

Monday, May 11, 2009

something to be said for honesty
for trust
for without them
i cant
i wont
the ache in my heart
the ache in my head

and i sat there
and took the blame
the pain
the fault
for things i thought were all mine
but werent
they were yours
and you sat there
watching me
take it
and held me with arm that claimed to be grounded
in love and compassion
and you watched as i melted
as i sank
in misunderstanding
as i fell slowly
and you sat there watching me
your eyes full of lies
from things that
couldnt be seen
and wouldnt be seen
because my tears filled my vision
i felt the hurt
the pain
i felt the distance
like the tide coming in
and i couldnt stop it
and i yelled to you
and questioned
and you sat there
and watched
all the while knowing
that you caused that tide
and you masked yourself with grief
and hid the truth and the lies
with anger toward me
and i took all these lashings
and sucked it up

and i try to remain un jaded
i try not to be
so i sit here with this pain
so fresh
and watch it bleed out into everything i thought was true
and everything i thought was real
and i look at you with those arms..
those lying arms
and eyes
lying eyes
and it hurts so bad..
because how do i live a life i cant live
a life with grudges and thick skin
i cant
i wont
and yet then i am destined to play the fool
you set me up to be
i sit here vulnerable to you
so exposed
and all you can do is take advantage?
such cruelty

Saturday, May 9, 2009

ive decided to start to sell bits of me photography
on mooshoopork
as sets
or single pieces
i will start listing soon... so stay tuned
let me know if i can make you something :)

to see me photography checkout my flickr
at littlepapoose flickr

Friday, May 8, 2009

small block chuck
one of the newest muscle car men in
maybe yould like one in matallic? with racing stripes? hmmm
i also have new man dolls in at a whopping 3.5" tall
these can make "big block" men
or dads or ninjas
or whatever you can think of.

in other news i gots me a treasury! full of local artists
click here to see it

Monday, May 4, 2009

so this weekend i went to my dads
for him and my uncles birthday
it was good fun

as i went outside to see where my oldest brother (16)
and his friend were
i found them outside loading up a gun
and shooting at cans

"oooh!! looks like fun!!"
i said to my brother.. "can i try?"
he laughed and said.. really?
"of coarse!!" i said
and went over to his friend who was holding the gun
he showed me how to hold it
and then showed me how to cock it
my brother told me where to aim the crosshairs
and i did a test shot just because i had never shot any kind of gun in my life
and then i told him to set up the can
i aimed
and hit it!!!!!
first try :)
my father came out onto the porch and looked down at a me and laughed
i shot another can down
and then he laughed even more
"whoa!! you wanna start carrying that around on your hip?"
he said
i shot a few more times
hubby came out to watch and took my picture
i loved it
now i want to shoot more things
ok well not people or animals
but i want to go to a shooting range and see how i do with a handgun or something
that would be too fun!!
now who wants to take me??
*looks around*

Friday, May 1, 2009