Saturday, February 21, 2009

ok so the sun is out shining... the snow is falling. I got some cleaning done today, which i love because it makes me feel the day was a bit more productive!! hehe
I have shaken the weird ick of yesterday and now i just want to get up and go out.....
one of those days you could totally get your best face on , go out with your friends and just have a bunch of laughs! hehe. oh well, not gonna happen for me today... but a girl can dream! ;)

Today i offer up my "Self Portrait Thursday" pic to you all!! it leads to my flickr, feel free to comment away...

today my #2 is wearing undies all day!! wahoo for that. well, didnt say we didnt have a few slip ups.. but i remain persistant. No more double diaper duty soon!! so thats a plus. If you have ever read my blog you will know that my #2 is, um ..lets just say my little handful ;) haha
Shes a great comedian ! always crackin me up.. bit of a piggy as well. She could burn a whole in you with one of her scowls but has the cutest dimples and loves to make people laugh.
She came up to me today before nap.. gave me a half a hug (she was distracted by her new band aid) and let me kiss her on the cheek! hahah. i said " mommy loves you how much?". and she holds up her fingers to show me about an inch of love!! hahaha
"no way !!" i said i love you forever and ever and ever... she just laughed and said.. "nope, about this much" ( still showing only about an inch)
In Etsy news: ive made the front page 4 times in the last week or so.. 2 treasuries and 2 baby ninja bunnies!! So that was a wee bit exciting..
i currently have two treasuries out as well. one here... and one here ! :)

alright im done. time to eat!!


ClemArt Design said...

Congrats on double this and double that. Lol, means that you are on fire in a non-too-hot-to-handle way. Which is awesome ;)

Nemesis_Productions said...

Damn gal, those are some sexy legs! If I was a guy I'd be all over you.

And you get double stuff because you are double awesome. How many times do I have to tell you that? ;p