Sunday, November 29, 2009

a quote...

deep breath in...
and exhale.

so much on my mind lately
i cant sleep!
its 2 am
your on my mind
their on my mind
everythings on my mind

deep breath in....

on the plus side ive been up late enough to snag a treasury!

love the photo in it with the quote
"never allow someone to be your priority
while allowing yourself to be their option"
its a good quote
i love it and hate it all at once
im all for not being callused to the world
and to people
and yet this quote at the present time is fitting to me
im an option
so do i give of myself? or not
that is the question


gina said...

I have had different opinions on this very question- depending on where I was in MY life at the time. If you are getting what you need and you are happy, then that's okay. But if it is making you unhappy, or feeling like you are missing something, or longing for more- it is not okay. Make yourself your priority and everything else falls into place.

kelly angard said...

Many thanks for posting my art here on your blog! I love hearing the many ways people read these words and see this image and find a personal meaning...

Lrc said...

I love the picture and the doesn't seem to be a callused attitude if you are making sure that you are cared for...gina is right, you need to be your priority.