Thursday, December 31, 2009

It was a nice suprise to wake up last day of 2009
and find id made the etsy storque
and that the treasury i made (get through)
made it to front page!

i always love putting them together
and most always i put a message inside
like tiny criptic ways
of putting thoughts in my head
out into the world
or in this case... etsy ;)

some of you know this
ive seen you comment on them
or message me in such a way
its nice
and this year i am greatful for etsy
seems silly to be thankful for an online site
but it has brought me to know people i like
and to be able to give to others
in a way
pieces of me :)
i am greatful for so much this past year
my children and family
for love
for grace and compassionate people
i am thankful for patience
and wish i had more ;)
just so much really..

this past year i was able to travel a bit
and im SO greatful for that
so many adventures

i cant wait to see what is brought my way
in this new year!!

1 comment:

Lrc said...

Congrats on your treasury making the front page! woohoo! Lovely items that definately have messages! I can't verbalize the messages but some are of heartbreak and wonder...