Sunday, December 27, 2009

christmas eve
we pile the kids up and go to my fathers house for the day
everyone was excited to see one another
my little bros and sisters
all waiting to play with our children

My oldest brother is a bit too old to play
so he hangs out with us!!
good times
we shoot some pool
play some xbox
joke around and snack
then my uncle and cousin show up right before dinner!

this year instead of regular dining table
my dad had bought 3 tables and set up the dining room
to look like a lovely restaurant
my sisters had set up a menu
and we sat down to these lovely tables
while they took our order
soup , salad, bread
then a main coarse of lasagna
and or mostaccioli
they also were our servers!!
yay for good service ;)

after we finished there was a bunch of
desert to choose from
of coarse we wanted to try a few ;)

after dinner we opened gifts
and got to talk a bit to my cousin and his new girlfriend
she was back from spain
and had some lovely stories to tell
it was sweet to watch them so in love
all huggy and kissy

We had lots of fun
then packed the kids up and headed for home!

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Leah said...

I wasn't sure the best way to get in touch with you (blog or etsy convo) but I wanted to let you know I wrote a blog with pictures about your ninjas and how they look like one of the days on the Advent calendar! :)