Wednesday, December 30, 2009

so Christmas this year was nice..
my oldest two came in about 7 am
to inform me that our presents had arrived
and stockings filled!

i stumbled out of bed and we all came out to the living room
giggles of excitement followed
as they eyed all the goods once again

we opened stockings
baby was not so amused with unwrapping gifts
even the shiny bows didnt seem to amuse her
instead she sat on her presents and watched us

Then it was time for the gifts under the tree!
there wasnt tons
but i was very happy this year that my oldest two
were able to pick out gifts themselves for everyone in the family
i want them to see the enjoyment of giving to others
and they did!!
they were so excited to have us open the handmade bits
and things they picked out from the store!
we oohed and ahhhhed at all the goodness :)

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