Wednesday, August 5, 2009

inside this box.. (poetry)

life inside of any box aint easy
when all your love is in another box completely

and everything inside and your body
is yearning
to get out

and then the other box begins
to move around beyond the things
that you can reach or do or see
and all your hopes are lingering

you run and try to grasp on to
the things that you know might work for you
but all it does is move away
and your afraid that you must stay

inside your little box

when your sure of what you want
and then
your told it isnt easy when
you know the hard that lies before you
you dont care you want to ignore it

and all the folks that you cant tell
just sit right by
and wonder well
whats wrong with you
inside your box
the outside looks so nice and soft

and you tumble round
in all the space
the lonely empty tiny place
your love looks back and is disgraced
you sigh
and try and to lift your face

and force a smile
as you watch
it go by
and wonder why
you couldnt reach
or did it even try
to grab you

so grab a pillow
make a spot
to try and land
as you fall round and round
i cannot see where this will end

(photos by: shusipot soulyyours SGMahan enhabiten)


Anonymous said...

This IS the most creative blog, featuring other artists, that I've ever seen!! I absolutely love the intwining of poetry! Beautiful! Thank you so very much for featuring my "Binda" necklace :)

Lrc said...

i love the body box...and the poetry because the poetry fits in the boxes...

HotTaTasFaktory said...

Wow, every line of that poem gave me goosebumps! Beautiful