Sunday, August 16, 2009

so today is a lazy sunday...
time to blog , yes?
hehe i think so
seems this year to be a bit slacking in all things i normally keep up with.
is it me? hehe well, yeah
a bit of passion taken from "daily duties" and put into good hands i guess
and thats not bad

anywho... speaking of passion
i gots me a treasury!
am i the only one who sees treasuries as an opportunity to vent?
click here to see my newest!!

in other news little papoose
is listing vintage buttons!
straight from my grammas button collection to you!
im listing daily !

mooshoopork is also listing some new items
ive still got naked shakers as well...
just dying to be painted into whatever you like.
also some pilgrims have landed as well at mooshoo


Lrc said...

i look forward to your painted dollies and new stuff! your bloggery is awesome! and your treasuries!

Lauri's Photography said...

your pilgrims caught my eye on Etsy. so cute!