Monday, September 28, 2009

night sky

(painting by: KiowaWolf)

theres something about fresh night air
that draws me

the clouds illuminated by that big moon
the flash of light
the low rumble

im pulled

thunder like a slow moan
the beat of a drum inside my chest

is it inherited ?
did this come from long before me ?

the breeze hits my skin
hair blows
my eyes look up
and smile

i feel at one with my surroundings

deep breaths in
i fill up with passion and drive

pushing out any negativity within me

i lay in the grass
wet with dew

i can smell the rain coming
is that odd?
i love that smell

my skin exposed to the night
i feel a cool breeze slide across me

i close my eyes
i am content
i am glad
i am thankful

i was given this
this nature
this earth to take in
and be

1 comment:

Diana said...

Beautiful soul stirring words. That is just what I felt when I did ths painting.