Thursday, October 1, 2009

my tribe

i can feel it stir inside me
this thing.

black soot painted on the faces
faces of men and women who came before me
although mostly the men painted their face in my tribe
women occasionally decorated their faces
with dots
so here is mine

although id consider myself a "mutt"
as i child i was registered to the Miami Nation
my grandfather took us to powows
and we learned of our history

though heavily diluted bloodlines run through the tribe
we are held together by customs
songs and tribal government

(white as snow)


Coffee Messiah said...

Thanks for stopping by recently! I moved to indy-anna from SF (CA) and was amazed at the cultural history of the native americans in this area and just how much of the country out here they had, before the misfortune of dealing with those who took their land.

Anyway, mutt or not, it doesn't matter. Should feel good about yourself no matter what! ; )


Lrc said...

Love that picture of you...I would be proud of your mutt heritage!