Wednesday, January 14, 2009

random thought.......go figure

dont confuse nice
with gullible
dont confuse asking questions
with stupidity
dont confuse a smile
with contentness
dont confuse a kind gesture
with simpleness

why when i try does it seem to go south. before it leaves my mouth....

when did being nice mean you assume im an idiot. when did me wanting to figure things out make me less knowledgeable then you. when did me showing a smile :) mean everything is right with me. when did me being kind make me any less complex than you.
what the hell... can i just say that.



ClemArt Design said...

This reminds me of an article I once read about a girl who was given a worse grade than all of her class mates. When she asked why her teacher told her it was because she asked the most questions so he assumed she knew less than her class mates.
This poem to me reminds me of the vast assumptions people make. The idea that because you laugh its funny or because you smile that the world is all nice and cute.
Everything has its own limitation within a certain boundary we each set.

kaboogie said...

right on sistah!!! I should make my kids memorize that...