Tuesday, January 20, 2009

same as last year but different...

another wednesday

And here it comes..
The day that marks a year
And somehow in a matter of hours

I will be older than I was
I guess your always older than you were
But in this case
The number actually changes


Still young I guess
Yet slightly aged

And yes sometimes I think age is a bit of a joke

I mean here we are
The same people

And yet these bodies of ours are aging

We are becoming our parents age
As they become theirs
And so on….

so i begin my 30 here. and wonder whats in store...


esque said...

Happy B-Day, Lady Poosy! I hope it's everything you hoped it to be!

Licia said...

Happy happy! It's all about the insides :)

Mike said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a good one!

Kerry said...

You have your WHOLE life ahead of you.

It's just a number on a calendar.

Happy Day Kelly!! :)

BlueNostalgia said...

Happy Birthday!

ClemArt Design said...

Happy birthday! And we both know that you are like 22 forever so it doesnt matter if you are 30 or 90 I still will think of you as 22 :).
Either way you rule!!!

Diamondaj said...

Happy Birthday!!! : )

zana said...

You are totally inspiring me to start doing poetry again~ It's been nearly 10 years since I've written any.
Love you photographs too~

littlepapoose said...

wow..that means a lot!!
and thank you

AnniKae said...

Happy Birthday to You...Etsy Chats are just never as fun when you're not around. Thanks for being you!