Monday, January 26, 2009

i cant quite grasp what im going for
but your a goal none the less
and i know theres something there
dispite the obvious mess
im just looking for something
i dont know what i want to find
im just in need of something
i may be wasting all my time
but im going on a hunch
a feeling i cant shake
and im hoping
i dont know what
whatever that it makes...........


Diamondaj said...

Love your poetry : )

ClemArt Design said...

I am not sure how to feel about this one. I get it and I feel it but I am not sure about it. It could be the time frame or my current state of mind...

glutenfreegirl said...

I have bestowed upon you the Awesome Award...because, well, I'm awesome and you are awesome! To find out how to share, click here:

Kerry said...

You have a gift with words...very nice.