Friday, January 23, 2009

random thought ... wishing for a strong wind

Im walking on a line..
so thin
so slowly

trying not to fall
too fast
too hard

theres a force

I want to give in...


ClemArt Design said...

I wonder what happens if you fall off the line. What stories will be told and what actions will be made. I think that paths can be created without following the line so maybe if you fall off of it you can create a new and better one. You should accept the pull. *acts like darth vader* come to the darkside papoose

The Milkshake said...

Hey papoose!
How have you been? :D
TTFN Tessa

The Milkshake said...

p.s. RESIST the dark side!! :P

Heathen's Hearth said...

Love it. :)