Saturday, January 17, 2009

thanks wood

Yes its cold outside..and im so tired of hearing those tiny knocks on our door from our gnomes, to let them in... Just the other day i recieved my cute fat little door!! Beautifully made by Nothinbutwood, who might i add is also super friendly! and although i myself, have been called wee at times he loves to make special little things for the very wee folk in all our lives! ;)

So now we can just sit back and wait...
and see who comes walking through our little door!


Kerry said...

Well thank you VERY much for such nice words about my stuff.

The wee folk are sure to show up now that you have a portal for them to come and go. They will bless your family with good luck and good Karma for years to come and keep the trolls at bay. :)

Thank you Kelly! I am flattered! :)

Diamondaj said...

That little door is awesome : )

balanced. said...

I adore those little doors!
Great purchase!

ClemArt Design said...

awww, thats awesome..what do you do if a leprechaun comes out though?