Saturday, April 18, 2009

ok so ive been slacking in the bloggin dept.
it just seems lately that my mind is wandering off....
and i cant keep up.
ive been having these undeniable urges to go on a trip. Where you ask? who knows?
I just need a break from my everyday..
something completely different
i want to explore
i want to get out there and clear my head
run free
so to speak
this is what my head has been doing..
running free...
too many thoughts
i cant get them all straight..
but i know if i can just get out there
just for a few days
ill feel a whole lot better
the drive is getting stronger
so we shall see...

(suitcase by: Get ready set go!!)


Nemesis_Productions said...

I agree.

Let's pack our bags and go somewhere nice. Like Emerald Isle, North Carolina or Cape May, New Jersey. We can stand on the ocean shore and smoosh our tootsies in the wet sand and look for dolphins.

littlepapoose said...

ooooh!! that sounds like amazing fun!! ;) heheh