Monday, April 6, 2009

IMG_1419 cemetary

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on our way home this weekend we decided to stop by this small cemetary...
It was such a cold spring day. the wind hit you to your bones and you just wanted to stay inside. i decided after being cooped up in the car for a few hours we should get out.
so me and my oldest took walk through the cemetary. the graves there were mostly from the 1800s. They were beautiful..
The earth had shifted and not one of them was perfectly straight.. some propped up with stones..others sinking. Some were almost completely buried. The slabs on the ground were in such random places. Folks placed in every direction!
I always loved going to places like this.... such a beautiful sadness to it all.

(for more pics of old headstones click the pic)


Anonymous said...

you'd love the old cemeteries in germany. they're all old like that, and they all have little flower beds planted on top of them, and on the corner of each "street" there's big stone basins full of water and watering cans hung up near by. The little old german ladies (always ladies) can be found everywhere, quietly tending the graves. It's quite lovely and sad.

Tom and Cher said...

I have recently found cemetaries to be a fascinating place to read about the local history, the lives lead and lost. The one in Plymouth, MA, were so moving. A friend went to Poland and came back with fascinating pictures of headstones piled on headstones, for hundreds maybe thousands of years.
blog without the ewww factor, well done!


Nemesis_Productions said...

I adore old cemetaries. Or even new ones, as long as they have cool crypts and interesting headstones. Some of the few interesting things in the area I'm in is the old cemetaries. Sadly, I haven't explored nearly enough of them.

NotSoShabbyChic said...

very nice photos, littlepapoose! We have an old cemetery by us too; some of the headstones date back to the 1700s... really amazing!