Sunday, March 22, 2009

tears flood my thoughts
confusion fill my eyes

patience is not a friend of mine... im one of those "fix it" girls. I want all the information so i can find an amazing solution to any problem. but now i have no info... just some vague sentence to try and depict. and i know theres a problem i just cant get my hands on it. And i dont know enough to help but i know enough to worry. and i see the effects of ..i dont know what. and i scares me a bit, i must admit.
I just want to KNOW and i just want to HELP. and i cant do either *sigh*

whats a girl to do.. when her thoughts run wild
what am i to do when i cant sit still
how am i supposed to know
if i just cant reach you

i wish you could see this
i wish you could hear me
i wish so much that seems not to be happening
id give you my time
my care
my presence

but for now i sit and wait for the smoke signals..

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