Tuesday, March 10, 2009

and circles
and over again
and what does become of it
when all in the end
and why cant it be
that these things get resolved
and why cant i see
that we have evolved

when over
and over
and back here once more
i just wanted to know
just what was in store
and whys it so hard
for you to be giving
or give your regard
for this thing weve been living

just a few kind words
seems so simple
of request
to be open
to read you
to not feel so.....

(photograph by: WildHeartsArt)


Lrc said...

O the circle of life...definately there are many circles in life, some of them vicious, some of them healing.

Meekiyu said...

beautiful poem... makes one wonder... I love how it visually looks and sounds sort of like a road about...

ClemArt Design said...

Now does this apply to lady bits too?