Friday, March 27, 2009

open the flood gates

ive been told im too honest. too open with my thoughts. this was not always the case. but i feel a sense of commitment to myself to tell all that i feel. to show all my cards.. and if it makes you uncomfortable then just pass this one up.

wanted to sleep till forever today
eyes swollen
from too many tears

just wanted it to end up a different way
dont know how
or if you even care

to steal a quote
as i try to mend
where did i go wrong

ive lost a friend

and im here with these pieces
dont know where they go
or where the release is
dont know if you know

and id wish yould just tell me
if that was goodbye
who goes without saying
please tell me why

my heart hurts

i just want you to know
does yours even ache?
does it even show?

and sometimes i wish i could go back
before i knew what i was missing
before i knew that you could make me feel this way
before i knew that there would be this day


Anonymous said...

such pain... :(

Marci said...

aww Kelly, this makes me sad, what happened??

littlepapoose said...

just spilling some sadness about missing a friend...