Sunday, January 17, 2010

me photography

you may or may not know that i am on flickr
my photography is there
mixed in with goods from my shops
and random bits of whatever i please

this year i am going to try and
i bit more in my skills
play around with that i can do

You may have noticed my flickr
a bit
haha well i have decided to go underground
so to speak
hide myself
while i do love being the center of
one persons attention
i dont like so much
to be everyones.
too many eyes on me and i shrink back
into the shadows
in hopes that they move on

so there you have it
just my photography and less me
win win i say

and i hope you all enjoy :)

1 comment:

Lrc said...

It can be nice to be hidden...I like this photo, it looks like an eye to me.