Sunday, January 24, 2010


so this past week was my birthday!!
yes i am 31
no longer young
but not really old yet either
although this past year has me feeling older then ever!
some young friend making me feel like my times running out
before my very eyes
and some my own age making jokes about "cougar"
which i find completely disturbing! haha
either i am what i am
take me or leave me

i think ive gained a few more wrinkles this year
and maybe a couple pounds
but ive gained love this year
and adventures and knowledge

ive realized things i really like this year
and things i want
not material things
i watched my kids grow older
and been hugged by people i love dearly
i got to spend lazy sundays with
with the man i love

yay 31!


Leah said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
I LOVE your candy heart ninjas... OMG! PS will you make an Easter Ninja set? One with a chick, one with pretty flowers and one with something else cute and fun???

Lrc said...

Happy Birthday!! That cake is awesome looking, I hope it was tasty. I'm 33 and I still can't believe it. I kinda like getting older cause every year I seem to get more confident and learn some interesting things. Good wishes for the coming year!

mooshoo said...

thanks guys!!
yes i may possibly have some pastel easter ninjas!
although custom orders are always welcome ;)

as for getting older.. i like and i dont. haha love hate relationship at the current time ;)

Blakenetizen said...

Happy Late B-day Mooshoo! :)