Tuesday, January 5, 2010


i stared at the words
the words
i hated them
its like somehow they reached into my chest
and pulled out my heart
i lost my breath

i didnt know what to say
seems nothing
and even if i did it wouldnt have mattered
thats the part that just killed

fast forward:
im mad the adrenaline is pumping
i want to scream
i want to rage
where did this come from?
and so quickly brought on

i cant believe how much you can hurt me

i need a release
i want to run out into the cold air
i want to scream out into the blackness
i want to ...

fast forward:
slow deep breaths
mentally tell myself its ok
try and get a grip on things
(silly cause as soon as i get one your there again prying my fingers off)
close my eyes
more deep breaths

the adrenaline has slowed a bit
i find myself wanting
i find myself wishing to run to place where i dont have to think about it
only the place i want to run
is gone
so now im just wanting

fast forward:
eyes swollen from tears
head a little achy

i want to sleep
for days
till the feeling goes
but then again
days might not be long enough

1 comment:

Lrc said...

powerful poem...i can almost feel the hurt.