Monday, August 3, 2009

custom ordered
these pirates set sail for Australia
this past week
i was given no specifics other than
she wanted pirates..
so i made these guys
and i loved making them!!

this past weekend
i traveled to my grandmothers house
she lost grandpa a little while back
we all try and visit when we can
keep her company
help her with things she needs help with etc.

the night i first arrived it was jut me mom and granny..
and despite the fact that she has lost most of her sight
she managed to make us an amazing dinner!!

she made delicious taco salad..

and for desert some pudding that she made look oh so purdy!!
it tasted even better too!! mmmm

on saturday
i washed windows
flipped a mattress, drove her to some stores
dropped some things off to the shelter for her
and then played some games
it was all females this weekend
me my mother, sister, aunt and grandmother
we had tons of fun.

i also got to make a wish..
haha wahoo for winning
at wishbones :)

by the ride home sunday i was exhausted!
but 3 hours later i was home.. ahhhh
good to be home :)

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