Monday, May 4, 2009

so this weekend i went to my dads
for him and my uncles birthday
it was good fun

as i went outside to see where my oldest brother (16)
and his friend were
i found them outside loading up a gun
and shooting at cans

"oooh!! looks like fun!!"
i said to my brother.. "can i try?"
he laughed and said.. really?
"of coarse!!" i said
and went over to his friend who was holding the gun
he showed me how to hold it
and then showed me how to cock it
my brother told me where to aim the crosshairs
and i did a test shot just because i had never shot any kind of gun in my life
and then i told him to set up the can
i aimed
and hit it!!!!!
first try :)
my father came out onto the porch and looked down at a me and laughed
i shot another can down
and then he laughed even more
"whoa!! you wanna start carrying that around on your hip?"
he said
i shot a few more times
hubby came out to watch and took my picture
i loved it
now i want to shoot more things
ok well not people or animals
but i want to go to a shooting range and see how i do with a handgun or something
that would be too fun!!
now who wants to take me??
*looks around*


ClemArt Design said...

LMAO, I'll take you! Where do I sign up for the accident insurance!

The Milkshake said...


littlepapoose said...

oh clem!! the fun we could have...
*cocks fire arm*

Nemesis_Productions said...

I'd love to go shooting with you!

I also find it amusing that the gun is almost as big as you are.

sam said...

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