Monday, May 18, 2009

so my treasury made front page of etsy today!! wahoo!
i love when that happens :)

so the last few weeks have been kinda... yeah
busy and blah all at once. and im totally slacking off in my blogging area.
but hopefully i will pick back up in it. today i was making up for a couple days behind in our "homescooling" with my oldest. Luckily she is super smart and picks things up quite fast.
She is however 6 and now starting with the attitude of... "i dont wanna do school work". which i totally dislike. hahah but whats a mum to do.

so more bits for you all..
me latest flickr pics are up and awaiting commentsand anyone out there on MYSPACE ??
well checkout mine and add me if you will
ive decided to make it officially public so as to get the word of my shops out there
so heres me :)


Mike's Hemp Bracelets said...

Congrats on getting your treasury to the front page and I sent a friend request to your myspace!!!

Nemesis_Productions said...

How cool! :D

You go grrl.