Monday, November 17, 2008


so today was a chilly day outside. sunshining brightly a brisk breeze outside that creeps its way through the old windows in my front porch! Its a good day, i made my first trade the other night, and my hubby shipped it out for me today! I went back today, and am in the process of trading with another lady!! im totally liking this idea. I can get my christmas shopping done, while moving inventory ;) hehe... while in the chat i saw cutnglue and for some reason...well (its because my mommy brain in mush & i no longer have the short term memory i once had) i didnt put her etsy name with her blog name... am i the only one this happens to??? so sorry mamma... but know that now you are forever (hopefully) etched in my memory linking you "etsy" with you "blog"! ;) hehe. we have fun in the tradeing chat rooms...and get a chance to shop for stuff our "friends" make! yeah!!

also today..
my girls were a bit bouncy (as always) and i come downstairs to find them playing...well, im not sure what. but my "bell" was on her little car in capri pants and a hat i crocheted! she had her shoes on and a princess cd player strung around her arm! she was obviously going somewhere, and when she saw me she stopped to say hi! so funny! after nap today we did art! my oldest used these paint pens and did a paint by number pic, while my 3 yr.old and i drew on a huge piece of paper! we practiced squares..and now she can draw houses! she has recently began to draw quite well. (it runs in our families) she started with suns and flowers..they look similar..then on to people! potato head people (i call them) big circle heads with arms and legs sticking out! ;) but shes got detail down...fingers and feet ect.
plus now that im homeschooling she is picking stuff up from her sister..she has learned the letter "I". and writes it on all her pics! its great.
well, time to go. hopefully ill get to do more trading or have some purchases soon ... holidays are coming ;)


Angela said...


I also speak pirate. It started sometime in May when I was on my way across the gulf to Mexico. There was a drawing of a lion in swim trunks next to our cabin. One day my husband said "Me tail is sticking through me swim trunks..." We laughed and laughed and have been pirates since!

The Milkshake said...

I love to trade!
It is fun and a great way to get presents for Christmas or yourself!

Have a great day!

Scarfmonsters said...

What a cute update. :) Yay on the making squares hah. Little achievements are amazing sometimes, eh?

sarljf8 said...

Hey!!! This is Sarah Fox from etsy known as "foxxysair8"! your blog is cute!

Sarah Fox:)