Monday, December 1, 2008

yeah! the snow has finally hit the ground! and i love it ;) last night the sky was lit up... fat flakes falling softly to the ground! sooo beautiful!

Once a year we wait for a night like that. Then we wake the sleeping children from their beds in the late hours and go outside and play! The sky is always a softly lit orange, and the cold is just enough to give a slight chill.... The snowballs are fun to throw, and of coarse theres always angels to be made!!


Angela said...

I love the snow! I wish it would snow here! Have fun and stay warm!

Ms. Angie said...

I dream of seeing and playing in the snow. One day.

Minx's Den said...


found your blog thru your etsy site, I absolutely love your things! Your toddler tag blankies are genious! I don't have any kids, but my sis-in-law is trying to bear me a niece or newphew, I do have a husband and 2 cats, my cats count as my "babies" for now! Good job on all of your creations!