Sunday, November 2, 2008

custom order wreath

So i got a custom order for two wreaths! Not only are they significantly bigger than my doorknob wreaths, but she wanted shatterproof ornaments on it! And now they are done!

These gorgeous beauties can withstand a bit more then the regular ornamental wreaths. They can go OUTDOORS!! with kids and pets the "shatterproof" is a good alternative. Though not available in as many choices as regular ornaments, i have found an ubundant supply of colors and shapes to choose from.

Does this sound appealing to you?? I still wrap the base in a satin ribbon. (this gives a finished look from both sides of the wreath) and i still embelish it with not only ornaments, but beads, bows, ect. almost anything you like can be added to these beautiful decorations.
Not only for christmas... these wreaths can adorn your door throughout the holiday season..or for any season! As a lovely welcome to all those who enter!

Im taking custom orders ;)

so get them while you can!


Cozy Cabin Creations said...


Mama Keith said...

I have to say that these are the most beautiful wreaths that I have seen! I LOVE THEM!! As soon as pocket book allows I will be ordering from you.

FlutterBaby Gifts said...

Those are really cute!!

Dee said...

Those wreaths are just stunning! I really think I am going to need one of those! Your work is awesome!

dee said...

Your wreaths are just stunning!