Monday, June 21, 2010


last night the tooth fairy visited
in our shes approximately 5' tall and wears glasses
(or goggles because the 5 year old swears she saw her wearing goggles)
and  has wings
she sneaks into the room late at night
and leans in REALLY close 
to make sure your sleeping
as an extra precaution
she makes weird faces at you
just to make sure you dont smile or giggle
and are truly asleep
then she quietly reaches under your pillow
rummages around a bit
till she finds your tooth
(if she cant she then crawls under bed, removes blankets etc.
until the tooth is found)
she grabs it up quickly and then pulls out some coins
and shoves them under your pillow
then ever so quietly
she tip toes out of your room
shes clutzy though
so she bumps into your bed
trips over your dolls
and possibly runs into the door
before leaving
and another tooth was lost today.
which means she shall be back again tonight!

ps. im going to have to make one of those 
tooth pillow thingies.
might make it a bit easier in the dark.

1 comment:

Diane Duda said...

your clumsy tooth fairy sounds very charming. :)
thanks for the feature.