Thursday, June 17, 2010

folk art dolls

new girls at MooSHoo
a bit of inspiration from my trip to Louisiana last year
a little voodoo heat
and some colorful magic
theres more in my head 
its sure to come out...

and this girl is done.. hasnt gotten a name yet
any ideas?

she will be listed soon 


janaemadsen said...

I don't know what to name her, but it is cute

AmysBodyDecor said...

I read it, now i'm commenting as directed haha :P

Samantha Page said...

Those dolls look like a blast to make. I like your poetry!!

mooshoo said...

janae} i still havent thought of one! hehe and thanks :)

amy} haha its just nice to see people DO actually read it sometimes ;)

samantha} they are fun to make! and thank you :)

abbyartnphoto said...

I love the voodoo inspired folk art dolls!!